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Kids Martial Arts Villanova

Mr Ishan Bhatia

Student Instructor

My name is Ishan Bhatia and I am instructor for PRO Martial Arts in Bryn Mawr. One important aspect to my life is my Martial Arts. In my personal life I always try to keep myself peaceful, calm-minded, athletic, aware, and safe. I truly believe that all of these are aspects of my character predominantly due to my martial arts career. I started karate at the PRO Martial Arts studio in Bryn Mawr when I was about 5 1/2 for fun. Now I am currently a third degree black belt. Karate has always been a fun, safe way for me exercise and protect myself while learning skills that have served me greatly in real life. I love teaching and learning from people of all ages. It is especially important that karate is fun and interesting. It’s important to me that the kids have fun while learning and improving their skill sets. Karate has become more and more exciting as I have progressed. It has taught me dedication, perseverance, and honor. It has been one of the greatest choices I have ever made!

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