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  • What Martial Arts Means to Me!

    Karate has always been an interesting thing for me. Ever since I was young, I was always interested in spy and action movies and wanting to duplicate all those awesome moves. Two weeks into joining PRO Martial Arts I still could not do a triple backflip kick, and was pretty disappointed. Thankfully for me, and in large part to my parents, I stuck with it and it's been a decision I haven't regretted. Although karate may not be what you need to become the next James Bond, you get something different out of karate - a sense of self assurance. What I mean by self assurance is that through karate I gained a confidence in myself and in my abilities to defend myself. Of course ....

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  • Student of the Week!!!

    "This week I was able to work on Tuesday, a day I normally do not teach. Not only was it interesting because of different classes, but I also got to meet students I do not usually teach. There was one student in particular who blew me away. Sebastian, an orange belt, came to the basic class and introduced himself to me. Like most students, Sebastian was very respectful, listened to my instructions, and tried his best during class. What I loved about working with him was his level of participation and raw desire to learn. During the Character Education talk at the beginning of class, Sebastian was consistently raising his hand and giving thoughtful and smart answers to my questions, ....

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    Ever get the look from other people in the store when your child is misbehaving, or just throwing a tantrum. That feeling where you just want to sink into yourself, or tell the other people looking “Do you think the judgmental eyes are helping right now?” All too often I see mothers and fathers struggling with their children, and instead of looking with “judgmental eyes.” I want to help. By developing the Fearless Fighting Little’s program we had the intention of passing on the knowledge and passion of Mixed Martial Arts to the next generation. One of the factors that we want to help parents with is Discipline . The type of discipline that does not come from playing video games, ....

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    Children's Safety Most parents or guardians have one common question on their mind; “How do I keep my child safe?” The truth of the mater is that there is no one perfect way or solution, or for that matter guarantee that with all you teach them that it will be 100% effective. With that said I’ve developed some simple and easy ways to help your child stand a fighting chance against a predator. First the simple old philosophy of “Stranger Danger” is a very abstract concept for children to understand. When you consider that most abductions and assaults are perpetrated by a person the victim knows. So how do we then protect the child? The answer is simple approach the situation from a ....

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    Wanting to know what is new in Greenville, North Carolina for MMA? It is our new facility, which is currently an official Zebra gym! We have all new Zebra mats covering our hard concrete floors. We are centrally located in Greenville, North Carolina. If you are looking for a MMA gym. Look no further. We offer classes at reasonable prices. For everyone from beginner to the advance person looking for a challenge. MMA in Greenville,NC is catching on like a virus. We are so excited to bring this new and upcoming sport to the MMA community and fans. We welcome all to experience an MMA workout with us. For those who love the UFC or Strikeforce and anything like it, please stop by our new ....

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