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Ever get the look from other people in the store when your child is misbehaving, or just throwing a tantrum. That feeling where you just want to sink into yourself, or tell the other people looking “Do you think the judgmental eyes are helping right now?” 

All too often I see mothers and fathers struggling with their children, and instead of looking with “judgmental eyes.” I want to help. By developing the Fearless Fighting Little’s program we had the intention of passing on the knowledge and passion of Mixed Martial Arts to the next generation. One of the factors that we want to help parents with is Discipline

The type of discipline that does not come from playing video games, watching television, or surfing the internet. This discipline must be cultivated, and contributed to with the help of a community. Fearless Fighting understands that parents cannot go at this alone. As they say, It takes a village. We are here to help contribute to bringing good citizens into this world. We are dedicated to helping develop the discipline in a child to develop these skills. 

What kind of discipline will my child get?


The kind that helps children overcome each difficult obstacle through patience, practice, and positivity. We help children set goals, and show them no matter how difficult the perceived goal is we help show them the discipline it takes to master the skills of Mixed Martial Arts. Our step by step process in learning the skills of Mixed Martial Arts different techniques is easy to understand and children learn with time and discipline the techniques will get better and better.


 Most parents see the fighter’s on television, and think, Do I want my child to grow up and fight like that? Or I really do not want them to fight in the playground? 


 At Fearless Fighting, we answer these questions by helping parents and children understand that person who is competing in the cage and on television did not just get there overnight. That person trained and developed the discipline over time to compete at that level. While that person choose to meet their opponent in a cage, and apply what they have learned overtime into a profession. The discipline it took to get there is what we want to show them. To get up in the morning and run, eat the right foods, learn and perfect the technique everyday is the type of discipline we want to teach the children who enter the Fearless Fighting Little’s Program. We also like to point out those Professional Fighter’s start only after the bell goes ding, or get prompt from the referee, and not randomly on the street, or elsewhere.This translates to discipline!  


Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu Jitsu are just part of what you learn. Understanding that it takes discipline to reach your goals and working everyday on that is something fundamental to our Fearless Fighting Little’s program. 


So next time you are having one of those moments described above remember how Fearless Fighting Little’s would like to help your child Experience Victory. 


Enroll them at Fearless Fighting Little’s program, and let us help you with discipline. 


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