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"This week I was able to work on Tuesday, a day I normally do not teach. Not only was it interesting because of different classes, but I also got to meet students I do not usually teach. There was one student in particular who blew me away. 
Sebastian, an orange belt, came to the basic class and introduced himself to me. Like most students, Sebastian was very respectful, listened to my instructions, and tried his best during class. What I loved about working with him was his level of participation and raw desire to learn.
During the Character Education talk at the beginning of class, Sebastian was consistently raising his hand and giving thoughtful and smart answers to my questions, always with a smile. By being so engaged, I saw how much he really enjoyed coming to karate class, which made me enjoy class even more.
Not only was Sebastian engaged during the talk, but he was also an extremely talented martial artist. His technique was very advanced for an orange belt, and I could tell it was because he enjoyed karate and wanted to learn as much as he could, try as hard as he could, and do the best he could each and every day he came to class. 
Sebastian's attitude toward karate is wonderful. His good attitude – something we stress during class – makes me confident that he will continue to do well in martial arts and anything else he sets his mind to.

​- ​
​Ms. Bhatia"

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