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Karate has always been an interesting thing for me. Ever since I was young, I was always interested in spy and action movies and wanting to duplicate all those awesome moves. Two weeks into joining PRO Martial Arts I still could not do a triple backflip kick, and was pretty disappointed. Thankfully for me, and in large part to my parents, I stuck with it and it's been a decision I haven't regretted. Although karate may not be what you need to become the next James Bond, you get something different out of karate - a sense of self assurance. What I mean by self assurance is that through karate I gained a confidence in myself and in my abilities to defend myself. Of course when you first join karate it's all fun and games; learning how to kick and punch just seems like a blast. But now, especially as a instructor, seeing the development of our students really excites me! When a student finally knocks down the target during flying side kicks or breaks through that board on the 1st try, the joy in their eyes is remarkable. These moment are the part I enjoy most; when the kids realize they now have this advantage on the world that will help them defend themselves. Although I hope they will not ever have to use their karate skills in a dangerous situation, it's important that they have them. It provides a self assurance that you can take care of yourself. Now this doesn't mean you should go and put yourself into risky positions just because you have a black belt. What it means is that you have the ability to actually defend yourself and you can add a level of confidence, that no matter what situation you encounter your skills in karate will help. Whether it's taking a test, being in a fight, taking part in a sports competition, or just speaking in public, the skills learned in karate give you that advantage. That's why I consider myself lucky to have this invaluable life skill and why I want every kid to have the same opportunity.

-Mr. Bhatia

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