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  • I just wanted you to know that he [student] really enjoys your school, and I think it helps his confidence, gives him a sense of purpose, and is a great help in developing self-respect.   I know he's likely not the easiest kid to have in class, but you guys are really great with him.  The other day he  told me that not everyone that does karate gets a black but that he thought he would.  I can't tell you how happy I was to hear him talk about wanting to achieving a difficult goal.   Thank you so very much.

    Damien Z., Bryn Mawr, PA
  • I highly recommend this studio for anyone looking to learn martial arts, get in shape or help their children improve their confidence and discipline.

    Louis M., Village on the Creeks, AR
  • All of the instructors are patient with the young kids, and demonstrate the respect and discipline I want my boys to learn from studying martial arts. Great place for teaching kids basic character traits that will last a lifetime!

    Brian R., Campbell, CA
  • The instructors are amazing and the values and fundamentals they are teaching our 6 year olds are priceless.

    Kisha A., Aurora, CO
  • They have age appropriate classes that teach you proper kicking & blocking techniques. They have a great ARMOR class that teaches anti bullying techniques. They strive on teaching kids discipline and respect.

    Adreanna E., Torrence, CA
  • If you are looking for a place to teach you or your child positive values while strengthening muscles and body, this is the place for you!

    Elizabeth C., Eaglewood, CO
  • We have been very happy with our time at PRO Martial Arts Englewood. They encourage strong listening skills, self-confidence as well as self-control for our very strong willed child. We are also very happy with the additional ARMOR program that they provide.

    J. Welch, Englewood, CO
  • Helped me to find a stronger and more confident self, and created memories and friendships I won't forget.

    Monica R., Wilmington, DE
  • PRO Martial provides much more than just punches and kicks. It also works on respect, discipline, and confidence!

    Kirstie E., Tampa, FL
  • The ARMOR class has taught her so much about respect. This is a great learning environment.

    Marcie G., Jacksonville, FL
  • They definitely go the extra mile to make sure the kids are not only learning but also enjoying their experience there. I love the way they work to instill discipline while still allowing the kids to have fun.

    Christine K., Naperville, IL
  • The team is awesome! Beyond teaching our kids how to take care of themselves in a bullying situation they've helped them build a presence and self-confidence that prevents bullying from happening in the first place.

    Mustafa P., Naperville, IL
  • The Little Rhinos program has been so great for my son! The staff is caring and great with kids. My kid loves learning new skills, earning belts, and making friends!

    Lake in the Hills, IL
  • She's learning skills, discipline, character, leadership, and confidence through ARMOR. We love that she's learning so much more than just self-defense.

    Kim H., New Albany, IN
  • Excellent school with exceptional instructors in a warm and friendly environment.

    Jessica H., Frederick, MD
  • PRO Martial Arts is a great place. We love the staff, the methodology and facility. It truly focuses on skill and character.

    Becki H., Bel Air, MD
  • If you are looking for a great way to help your kids build confidence, discipline and learn how to defend themselves, you will love this place!

    Matt P., Lake Orion, MI
  • It's the perfect mix of fun, discipline, and life skills! I can't wait to see our adventure unfold here.

    Erin, M., Novi, MI
  • Building true character in the youth of our area...through Martial Arts!

    Robert, D., Troy, MI
  • Tremendous improvement in her focus, and confidence. PRO Martial Arts builds strong foundational skills for students to build on as their abilities improve and sharpen.

    Lori G., Waldwick, NJ
  • The confidence you instill in my grandsons, Billy and Jace, is amazing. They just love it all.

    Darlene, E., Albany, NY
  • PRO Martial Arts teaches important life values in addition to the physical aspects of the art and demand character, respect and confidence.

    Rich, S., Apex, NC
  • I love the work they do with the kids in the community and bullying prevention programs.

    Tony C., Wake Forest, NC
  • You will see a big change "to the best" in their behavior, attitude, physical skills, etc.

    Laith A., Kenwood, OH
  • Very happy with our experience. The instructors are wonderful and the program is really benefiting my child.

    Jeni, V., Powell, OH
  • PRO Marital Arts is serious about teaching not just the "moves", but the philosophy as well. This is not a belt factory - students really learn. My daughter has learned discipline, respect and calmness. She has confidence that she didn't have before.

    Tom, M., Loveland, OH
  • PRO Marital Arts motivates you and will work with you to accomplish your goals, as well as encourage you along the way!

    Melissa A., Cranberry Township, PA
  • I couldn’t be any happier with PRO Martial Arts. Great place, great atmosphere, great teachers!

    Valerie, D., Berwyn, PA
  • They have the best karate classes and leadership program. The skills that my daughter is learning at PRO Martial Arts she will have with her always, into adulthood!

    Vikki, H., Summerville, SC
  • When I ask my children what the best part of their day is - they say Karate! Thank you for reinforcing manners and respectfulness, all while depleting their energy levels for my sanity!

    Nicole M., Germantown, TN
  • They have learned focus, discipline and confidence. Now they are doing well in school and respectful at home. The ARMOR program has taught them how to handle difficult situations.

    Sarah C., Dallas, TX
  • This is the best place to bring your children to learn martial arts and the lessons that come with the discipline! The leaders are amazing and make the experience something to remember. My son loves the classes and we recommend this place to anyone!

    Neil G., Keller, TX
  • If you are looking for a great place for your child to learn karate and have fun and help enforce manners and respect, PRO Martial Arts is the place! I have noticed a huge boost in his confidence, not only at karate, but at school and home as well.

    Amy, S., Richmond, TX
  • The instructors really know how to speak with children and know how to encourage them. My daughter just turned 3 and was the most timid and most shy child ever, but since she has started karate here even in just a few weeks she has changed so much!

    April, M., Fredericksburg, VA


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